The Haylofts


Tucked into northern Italy’s alps, five secluded haylofts have been transformed by VALDE into a magical escape, ideal for reconnecting with nature and living creatively. The houses date back to the 1700s and have been renovated with a mixture of ancient and modern materials.


Through marvelous feats of design and engineering, the haylofts contain modern amenities, disguised by local materials and handiwork. The two lower VALDE haylofts are situated on a small grassy terrace, overlooking the lush Chiavenna valley. The terrace, with the custom picnic table, also doubles as a landing pad for helicopters. Guests may wish to arrive by helicopter, and they have the additional option of being transported to world class heli-skiing, straight from the front door.







The Haylofts - Valde Haylofts